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Or rather taking a milkshake. From Stand. Because it’s amazing.

You don’t even know. Unless you’ve been there, and then perhaps you do. And then aren’t you a lucky one.

Real Girl lives startlingly close to New York’s Stand, a burger joint west of Union Square. The burgers may be great–I can’t say because I’ve never sat down to have one. Instead, I find myself walking over to Stand when I’m in need of a guilty pleasure. And oh, such a pleasure: The Toasted Marshmallow milkshake. I’m not sure I’ll be able to write about it without strolling across the park afterward to suck down that rich, marshmallowy sweet, decadent cup of creamy ambrosia. Stand delivers, but I always drop by myself. I’m not sure how the milkshake would travel, and I’m not sure I can wait the extra 20 minutes it would take the delivery man to bring it to me. A toasted marshmallow milkshake craving is not like any other craving. It must be satisfied quickly or the taste bud Gods get very angry.

Here’s how you might see Real Girl in the Union Square area someday, perhaps walking east on 14th Street. First I remove the cup’s lid and eat the actual toasted marshmallows. I can’t save them ’til the end–they call out too loudly, flirting with that toasty golden wink. Then I plunge in the oversized straw, close my eyes, and inhale. What bliss. More than a hint of fine vanilla ice cream hits the senses first (Stand uses Laboratorio del Gelato), but then the notes of marshmallow meander on in. It’s like the highest quality marshmallow fluff zapped into milkshake form. My mouth remains glued to that straw until all too soon it’s over. So I’m that girl on 14th Street making slurpy sounds with her straw to lap up the final stubborn drops. And then I’m that girl on 14th Street taking out the straw and tipping the cup back to make sure I don’t miss anything. Wasting a drop of this elixir would be criminal, and I don’t know if I could handle toasted marshmallow jail.

If you’re able to let Stand offer you this marshmallowy goodness, I urge you to hightail it over there tout de suite. But if perhaps this delicacy is denied you for some reason, never fear. The recipe is listed online. And I’ll re-post it for you here. If you make this at a dinner party you will be the most popular host that ever sent out an invite. Trust.

Stand’s Marshmallow Shakes

3 scoops vanilla ice cream (they use Laboratorio del Gelato)

1 tablespoon whole milk

I large dollop, er, Wookstock Water Buffalo Milk yogurt (For the 300 million of you that can’t pick water buffalo milk yogurt up at your corner store, feel free to use a substitute yogurt—it’s just there to add a little more liquid and balance out the sweetness of the ice cream a bit)

5 Kraft Jumbo Jef-Puffed marshmallows

Whipped cream

1) Toast marshamllows under a broiler, or, if you’re frisky, over a flame until they just start to blacken evenly (the trick is to make sure it’s evenly toasted and dark, but not turned to charcoal).

2) Put the milk, yogurt, and then ice cream in the blender. Blend carefully, just until you get a “donut”—when you see the shake holding to the sides of the blender with a hollow core.

3) Add three of the toasted marshmallows to the blender, and whirl it just until they’re all broken up and distributed evenly. Be careful not to overblend it, making it too melty.

4) Pour shake into a glass, top with a dollop of whipped cream, break the last two marshmallows on top, and serve with an extra-wide straw.

5) Repeat if necessary. And it will probably be necessary.

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