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Clinique says roll away puffy eyes. Real Girl says yes, please!

Every gal has her “thing,” and Real Girl’s is the under-eye area. My nemesis. My puffy, dark-circled, ever-concealed, genetically-induced foe. When a product purports to do away with puffiness and dark circles, my radar pings at high volume: “Must try! Must try!” Which brings us to the latest addition to Clinique’s All About Eyes line, the new All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. Oh, Clinique. Roll away my troubles!

Like all of Clinique’s products, including the formerly reviewed Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, you can trust that the active ingredients have been chosen based on scientific testing indicating some extent of results. Here, the most potent ingredients are caffeine–widely used to combat puffiness, and in this product higher on the ingredients list than I’ve seen in almost all others–and a cocktail of established antioxidants, including grape seed and pomegranate extract. But also, like with any skin care product, you can’t expect miracles or the kind of correction provided by surgery.

So keeping my expectations moderate, I gripped the smooth, cool plastic applicator and started to glide. Mmmm. Gliding. The metal-ball tip feels delightfully cool, and it rolls smoothly over the delicate under-eye area, dispensing product without tugging that paper-thin skin. Unlike Clinique’s original All About Eyes gel-cream, the serum is not particularly hydrating. But that’s not a problem–this product is meant to be applied first, under all other moisturizers and sunscreens. Its job isn’t to hydrate, it’s to tighten. And tighten it does. Within minutes, the under-eye area retains its dose of cool refreshment and also, for lack of a better way to describe it, feels less puffy. Not uncomfortably, the caffeine feels like it’s taken that loose bagginess of puffery and reined it in a bit. Your skin feels better–you know antioxidants are protecting it from environmental stress, and I do think the serum’s active ingredients have worked well enough to substantiate most of the product’s claims.

I have not noticed a significant change in tint–my dark circles still look pretty darn dark. But using this product in the morning is just plain pleasant. Storing the elegant-looking tube in the refrigerator does enhance the chill of the metal tip, but I think the product then rolls on less effortlessly, and perhaps the applicator dispenses less. Even without refrigeration, though, that massaging little tip continues to feel deliciously cool against your fluid-filled puffiness.

Roll away, Real Girl says. My darling little Clinique All About Eyes Serum, you will never be able to depuff enough! But for now, I’m keeping you near and dear to my puffy heart.


Cool metal tip and massaging action manually depuff

Caffeine is listed high on ingredients list and has shown to fight puffiness

Very good antioxidants

Refrigeration optional–cooler tip but applies less product

To be applied first, under moisturizer and sunscreen. (However if you use a topical exfoliant gel or serum, then apply that first)

Gently rid yourself of the day

Real Girl demands a lot from her makeup remover, much of it contradictory. Must be tough! My waterproof mascara is impossible to wash away, and only a potent makeup remover has the chops to make it budge. Must be gentle! This is facial skin we’re talking about–to be treated with kid gloves–and the delicate eye area, no less! We need potency without irritation, wiping without tugging, strength without forfeiting delicacy.

Thank you, Clinique’s Take the Day Off! You are just schizofrenic enough to be my true remover love. I have only used the liquid version, not the Cleansing Balm (which I think I’d love) or the Cleansing Milk (which I’m not sure about). But I use the liquid like you’re supposed to use the balm–with my fingertips, not with a cotton ball.

Before use, make sure to shake this water-soluble product until the consistency becomes a bit cloudy. Unshaken, you’ll see two layers of product one on top of the other. All this duality must be combined for full power!

Perhaps you remove your makeup all the time with cotton balls, and if you love that then I will not dissuade you–only warn you not to rub. Ladies, treat your eye area like delicate paper-thin tissue. Because in essence, that’s what it is. The thought of rubbing a cotton ball on my poor eye area makes me cringe, and if you go that route make sure you’ve soaked it in enough product. My approach is to put the product directly on my fingers, preserving the slippery texture that then glides over my lids. The frictionless strokes dissolve the makeup, and then I’m free to wash it clean.

After a long made up day, your face wants to breathe again. Don’t be afraid to strip–it’s good for you. Just don’t be too rough 🙂


Remover strong enough for waterproof makeup but non-irritating

Apply gently, with fingertips or saturated cotton ball

I use liquid, but the product also comes in balm and milk

Shed excess layers and reveal a more radiant you.

Real Girl is not known for her patience. When I test a product, I want to see results yesterday. But I’m logical enough to realize that sometimes good things come to she who waits–and that often, quick results mean irritating or harmful concentrations of ingredients. Clinique wants to care for your skin. I’ve long been a fan of its skin care line, which is packed with research-driven, carefully formulated ingredients. The Even Better Skin Tone Corrector is no different; you just have to wait a few weeks before you can see the difference. Patience. It’s like standing on a subway platform waiting an age for the train to come. When it finally does, you reach your destination.

Even Better seeks to diminish skin discoloration due to age spots, sun damage, and even acne scarring, leaving your skin healthier-looking and more radiant. It’s important to note first what ingredient Clinique doesn’t include, and that’s hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is one of the most effective ingredients in reversing skin discoloration and decreasing melanin, however there has been some research that claims it’s carcinogenic. The ingredient is banned in Europe, and the FDA has shown concern and proposed a ban on over the counter use. The research isn’t conclusive, and we can’t say what concentration of hydroquinone would be harmful, but still…do you really want to risk it? Real Girl’s not sure she could rest easy using a skin care ingredient that might cause cancer. Apparently, Clinique agrees.

But without the most capable melanin-fighting ingredient, Clinique has had to rely on something slower-acting and not as potent. Even Better is not a miracle cream, and you shouldn’t expect it to be. After using the product day and night for 4-6 weeks, results will be most noticeable for light age spots or mild sun discoloration, and you’ll probably only notice an improvement in acne scarring if the spots are relatively recent. But you will likely still see your skin become more radiant, and an extensive cocktail of antioxidants will protect it for the future.

Even Better packs a one-two punch of exfoliation and antioxidant protection. Ascorbyl glucoside (Vitamin C) and salicylic acid mildly exfoliate, and over time dead and discolored layers of skin are gently sloughed away to reveal a healthier, more vibrant complexion. Yeast extract, barley extract, birch bark extract, mulberry root extract, and turmeric extract provide antioxidant protection against future sun damage, and cucumber extract works toward preventing future discoloration. These ingredients will indeed help to even tone and promote healthy chemical reactions, but if you’re expecting to see the effects of dermabrasion or laser treatments, you’ll be disappointed.

The silicone-based lotion goes on light and grease-free, so it’s appropriate for normal-to-oily skin. Those with drier skin will likely need to follow with an additional moisturizer. Of course for day-time Real Girl heartily recommends finishing off with a good sunscreen. Perhaps even Clinique’s own City Block.

Real Girl is a hearty proponent of exfoliation, and I’ve been using a topical exfoliant (as opposed to something with granules) for years. Getting rid of those dead skin cells allows beautiful ingredients to penetrate your skin more easily, your pores to breathe, and your skin to look more youthful. I have a feeling we’ve only scratched exfoliation’s surface. Gently, of course.


Topical exfoliants slowly slough off dead and discolored skin cells

Antioxidants protect against future damage

Contains no hydroquinone

Results are moderate but should lead to a more radiant complexion

August 2020


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