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Posted on: August 5, 2010

For the pet owner with bite

When you think of doggie fashion, it’s too easy to conjure up visions of Paris Hilton dressing up her chihuahua in head-to-toe pink, sparkles, and bows. That poor dog, you might think. Who’d want to be dressed up like that?

None of The Punky Pup dogs, that’s for sure.

From collars to clothes to toys and beyond, The Punky Pup outfits your dog like a rock star: A lovable badass little puppy Ramone or Debbie Harry–both of whom you can honor via this one-of-a-kind dog carrier made from a vintage Ramones t-shirt or this Blondie dog t-shirt that turns any pooch into an icon.

Go hard core punk with this spikes and skulls collar or just give your pup a bit of an edge with this cherry skull knit sweater. The Punky Pup offers quite a range for your dog to show off his or her coolest side.

And don’t forget about Bad CATtitude! Not to be left out, punk rock cats will find inventively badass collars like this plaid spiked option to show off their blatant kitty rebellion.

I don’t mean to stomp on your cool, all you renegade Punky Pups! But how can you resist a pooch in a rock band t-shirt? It can’t be done. Check out this photo gallery and see for yourself.

With a rebel yell I cry Cute! Cute! Cute!


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