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Posted on: July 17, 2010

Dear Real Girl,

I’ve been on four fantastic dates with Mr. May-Be-The-One.  His birthday is in a few weeks, a fact that strikes terror into my very soul. Is it too soon for me to get him a present? I would like to acknowledge his special day but don’t want to come off as “more” into the relationship than he may be….Help!!!

Hi there!

Aw, four fantastic dates is something to be excited about! But Real Girl offers a gentle warning that it may be too soon to consider whether he “May-Be-The-One” yet. A few weeks at this stage of a possible relationship can be a lot, so I wouldn’t be terrified of the birthday yet. But this one’s pretty easy! Definitely do not spend a lot of money on a gift this early on; thoughtfulness will be much more valuable. Real Girl’s suggestion would be to bake him something. Dudes love women who bake. Even my guy friend, a total former commitment-phobe who’s now engaged, says, “Men often subconsciously associate food prep with wifely behavior.” Not that you should be worrying about wifely behavior at this point! Just keep in mind that food for a guy makes a great gift, and it can put you in a positive framework. If in a few weeks you’re still going strong, maybe you can make him dinner. Keep it simple–no need to go full on gourmet and look like you’re trying too hard to impress. But if it were Real Girl, I’d just make him some chocolate chip cookies. What guy doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?

Good luck!!




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