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Lip color: Stain to sustain

Posted on: July 15, 2010

Real Girl is looking for the perfect high-end lip stain, but in the meantime this drug store option does the trick!

Never underestimate lasting lip color. Whether it’s a natural, barely there enhanced pout or the bold focal point of a look, Real Girl likes to feel reassured that her lips are dressed and not about to start a strip show. My current go-to lip base is Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain. With some tips for application, wearing this stain under gloss or balm will leave your lips with a lovely flush that’s as rich or subtle as you choose. It’s not as glamorous as a department store brand, but I haven’t yet found the one that beats it. Of course if and when I do, you’ll be the first to know!

Have you ever tried long-lasting lipsticks? Real Girl is not a fan. They make your lips feel dry and thirsty, caked up and cracked. Where’s the pretty in that? For that reason, I much prefer a stain, which feels light and natural. It won’t moisturize your lips, but nor will it dry them out. Apply a balm or gloss on top, and you get the texture you prefer without sacrificing long-wearing color. Perfection.

One of the benefits of Outlast Lipstain is its variety of colors. I currently use three: Cinnamon Smile, #445, Everbloom Kiss, #400, and Wild Berry Wink, #440. For your first few uses, the color comes on very strong, and you’ll have to go easy. Start with patting the product on rather than drawing with the easy-to-use pen tip, and blot after application. You’ll then be left with a noticeable but not overwhelming shade of color. After a few uses, the product goes on less liberally, and a couple swipes with the pen will quickly give you the perfect amount of stain. Everbloom Kiss is the most subtle of my favorite three colors, leaving lips with a berry flush that can be enhanced by colored gloss, left natural with a balm on top, or made sexy-shiny with clear gloss. Cinnamon Smile starts off very strong, so apply gently, but after continued use, the pen tip dispenses a gentler shade. The cinnamon tone goes beautifully with Real Girl’s favorite bronzey eye shadows, and it works well under a surprising number of different color glosses. The Wild Berry Wink is like a stronger version of the Everbloom Kiss, allowing for a powerful red lip or–when blotted–a deeper dose of berry to be best worn under pale pink or clear gloss.

Stains are immensely versatile. The colors can be modulated by applying more or less product or by layering different glosses on top, but even if your gloss wears off, you’ll still be left with an impressive dose of color on your precious pout. And they’re great for kissing! On a hot date, if you want to spare your mate from inheriting your color or sticky gloss, then just use the stain with a silky balm on top, and your lips will feel and look amazing without having to worry about transferring product to your partner.

You’ll be left with your lips–only so much better.


Lip stain allows for long-lasting color without extra dryness

Color that won’t kiss off

Apply Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain gently at first, and blot extra color.

After several uses, the pen tip will apply product less liberally

Top off your stain with balm for kissable softness or gloss for sexy shine.


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