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Hair Wisdom from a guest professional

Posted on: July 5, 2010

Real Girl’s own genius stylist answers your questions.

Meet Julie, from the adorable mod-meets-lodge Twigs Hair Salon. Julie has been tending my locks for almost ten years now, and no one else is allowed near them! I recommend her to everyone, and even Real Mom has become a devotee. Julie graciously offers her expertise to Real Girl Lifestyle reader D, who writes:

Dear Real Girl,

I am “blessed” with very fine, straightish hair, which serves me well for 7 months out of the year. However, as soon as summer humidity hits, my hair becomes lifeless and flat as a pancake. How can I add some bounce to my ‘do?

The infinitely wise Julie has your back, D. Here’s her invaluable advice.

There are so many new products on the market for fine limp hair, but so little time and money to buy and try them all. Here are a couple of easy suggestions that don’t require using hot rollers and tons of drying hairspray everyday. Start out by trying one product, and if that isn’t enough, add another and another until you find what suits you best. No need to go crazy and buy everything all at once.

My new favorite line of products is Label.M. They have a wide range of unique products that help attack the horrible results of summer humidity, and most of them have great ingredients that protect your hair from heat styling and UV Rays (big plus).

  • On damp hair first apply Label.M Volume Foam: pump the weightless foam into your palms and apply to the roots and comb through the hair. (It gives fine hair a non greasy volume texture). You can try using this alone if you just want volume and no extra thickness. If you want extra volume AND thickness proceed with the next product to use in conjunction with the Volume Foam.
  • The new love of my life is Label.M’s Sea Salt Spray. The SSS  is also sprayed on damp hair from roots to ends and then tousled dry with a blowdryer for extra texture and separation. Feel free to flip your head over and blowdry your hair upside down for some extra oomph and for that “just left the beach” look. Don’t worry, the Label.M Sea Salt Spray will not leave your hair feeling salty and gritty (like other brands); it leaves it feeling soft and THICK with tons of volume. With Algae and Aquatic extracts to thicken and texturize, SSSpray also protects hair against heat styling and UV rays too, so it will not kill your hair.
  • Still not thick and bouncy enough for you? No problem. Once dry, you can spray more sea salt spray into the under layers of your hair and blast it upwards with your blowdryer. (You can keep doing this until your desired volume and thickness is reached.) The sea salt ingredient swells the hair every time it is dried in. But don’t go crazy and apply 4 layers of sea salt spray on your hair on the very first attempt. Take it easy, and add a little bit more each time you style your hair until you get to the level you desire.
  • If you are going for a softer look, after your hair is dry touch up the ends with a round brush and a blowdryer to smooth them under or out to give them a little kick.
  • If you want to keep this look going for a few more days without shampooing your hair, when you wake up give your hair a blast of Label.M’s Dry Shampoo spray to reactivate your style. The main ingredient is rice starch, which is weightless and  absorbs oil and removes grease and will also give some lift to fine hair. The spray can also be used instead of hair spray to finish off your above look. This product does leave a matte finish, which is great for oily hair and can be used on clean hair for added texture and oomph.

All three of these products can be purchased at Twigs Salon, 520 E11th St, NYC

Look how cute and stylish Twigs is. You get your hair washed downstairs among 50s-60s style furnishings set within chic woodsy lodge decor, fireplace, swank bar, lounge chair and all! Real Girl’s due to get her roots touched up…


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