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Adding a bit of whimsy to the rain

Posted on: July 2, 2010

Something to keep you smiling while you stay dry

These are Real Girl’s rain boots. Go figure, they go with everything, and they’re super fun. Finally, Real Girl has found adorable waterproof footwear to cope with what has been the wettest spring and summer in memory. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if I’m being chased by a giant, animal-filled boat.

But never fear. Even as the weather gets more Noah’s Arkian by the month, Real Girl has found’s inexpensive and delightful options for keeping feet and lower legs snug and dry. Literally, there is a design for everyone–as I browsed through pages of rubber boots, I kept thinking of the friend who would be just right for each one. Girly girls, tough girls, practical girls, preppy girls, you name it, and Target has a boot for her.

Real Girl urges you to find the exact perfect design for you, but of course I’m thrilled to show you some that caught my eye. I have worn my rain boots with everything from skinny jeans to cut-off shorts to little dresses and skirts, and far from looking clunky or utilitarian, they have a little girl-meets-woman charm. It’s as if your childhood red or yellow wellies grew up to drink cocktails and galavant around the city. Just like you.

Maybe you love horsies, or cityscapes, or baby whales, or icy flowers, or Burberryesque, or psychedelic polka dot, or skulls and swords, or black and red, or bold roses, or dark paisley, or fleur de lis? If not, many more await your attention. These boots come in whole-sizes only, and you should order down if you’re a half-size since they run a touch big. (Real Girl is a 6 to 6 1/2, and the 6’s fit just great.) I couldn’t be happier with my gray, birdie-bedecked rain gear, both because the swirly design puts a smile on my face and because the slick material keeps so much of me bone dry whenever the heavens decide to open up and let ‘er rip. Rain can’t get the best of a real girl!


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