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Pangea Organics Part II: Cleanser and body care

Posted on: June 8, 2010

Schooling Real Girl on how to do moisture.

Because of Pangea Organics, “oil” is no longer a dirty word for Real Girl. This is pretty huge. Others have tried to convince RG in the past, but oil has been oil has been oil. Until now.

I’m kind of in love with Pangea’s cleanser and body gel. As in, I’m not sure my skin has ever felt better.

Having already discussed Pangea’s impressive attention to ingredients and social responsibility, now it’s time to get a bit more Real. Man, this stuff feels good. Right now, I am stroking my cheek, feeling the supple effects of essential fatty acids and “saponified oils” in Pangea’s Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange Cleanser. Here’s a tough myth to beat in facial cleansing: Your skin is not supposed to “feel” clean. It’s a tempting illusion, and one Real Girl often fails to dispel–who wouldn’t want to have some tangible reaction to a cleanser? “Ooh, my skin feels so oil-free,” or “Ooh, the day has been sloughed off,” or “Ooh, it’s so minty fresh.” But no, facial cleansing is an area where you want to be gentle–and just as importantly, where you want to retain your skin’s natural moisture. Pangea’s facial cleanser initially looked like something scary for my combination and occasionally spot-prone skin. I pumped the rather creamy and slippery tonic into my hand thinking, “I’m about to put oils…on my face.” But the results were surprising. Unlike with detergents–especially the too harsh sodium lauryl sulfate and for some even the gentler sodium laureth sulfate–your face will not feel stripped. Instead, there’s a sense of overall skin health and natural moisture. But your face is undeniably clean. No shine, no grease, and no remnant whatsoever of oils. Real Girl has a feeling that this clean but nourished patina is exactly what your skin is supposed to feel like after cleansing. It’s a revelation.

I am no less in love with the shower gel I sampled, Pangea’s Italian White Sage With Geranium & Yarrow Body Wash. Again, its appearance is deceiving. Usually a cleansing milk or creamy body wash implies moisturization, but Pangea’s gel is most assuredly a gel–and it’s easy to mentally associate “gel” with “drying.” However, this body wash won’t possibly leave your skin feeling dry. It’s…lovely. Just a lovely means to a cleanly end. Inhale the refreshing sage mixed with the inoffensive sweetness of what I assume must be the geranium and yarrow. Then, just a small amount of product gently lathers into a silky, quenching, cleansing balm. Your skin will definitely not feel stripped, and I do recommend this as a perfect shower gel for normal to dry skin. Ladies, Real Girl gave the product the “leg shaving” test, and oh, it’s nice. After use, I noticed Pangea even recommends its body wash as a “luxurious shaving product.” Luxurious indeed.

Finally, Real Girl turns to Pangea’s hand and body lotion, specifically the Chilean Red Clover With Geranium & Grapefruit. Pangea’s lotion is for thirsty skin. You’ll be getting a significant dose of moisture, and so for Real Girl, this would be her perfect winter lotion. But even in the early weeks of summer, I’ve found great use for it–we are in the midst of barefoot and sandal weather, after all. Three nights of applying the Chilean Red Clover lotion to my feet before bed, and there’s not a dry crack in sight. What’s more, my elbows are entirely smooth. After shaving, my legs and knees feel silky and cared for.

When you use Pangea’s products, you understand why they return time and again to the word “nourishing.” Here’s a company that cares not just about the environment and global welfare, but also about how your skin looks and feels. Real Girl thinks this line wants to do right by you, whether via its choice of ingredients, its reasonable price compared to comparable products, or its desire to leave you refreshed, supple, silky, smooth, and safe.

Pangea, I think this is the beginning of a beautifully Real friendship.


Moisturizing cleanser without greasy after effects

No stripping, drying detergents

High quality organic ingredients

Body lotion to combat any dryness


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