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Eat pizza, lose weight!

Posted on: May 24, 2010

Well this pizza, at least–it’s actually healthy!

Looking at the nutritional information for Dr. Praeger’s Pizza Bagels, I feel like I should be waiting for a punch line. What’s the joke? Where’s the catch? Something here seems too good to be true.

At only 110 calories per pizza bagel, here might be the perfect diet food for someone (like Real Girl) who just won’t give up pizza. What’s more, each serving (1 bagel) has only 2.5 g of fat, 5 mg cholesterol, and 180 mg sodium. Don’t underestimate the rarity of finding tasty frozen food with low sodium–it’s like trying to find a passed-over perfect bag on the last day of the Barney’s Warehouse sale. Each bagel has the same amount of fiber as a slice of good whole wheat bread (3 g), and 6 g of protein. Is it dripping with nutrients? No. But this stuff is really pretty good for you.

And what’s more, it’s filling and yummy. I actually want to eat it.

Remember, Real Girl’s weight loss philosophy just plain gets down to basics–counting calories. More times than not, you should be eating less than you think you should. If you’re not used to internal eating–listening to when your body is full–then your body will expect more calories than you need to give it. You’ll get hungry. So you’ll have to work down to your goal calorie limit, but you should start knowing how many calories are going into your body. These Dr. Praeger’s Pizza Bagels can help get that number down.

Two bagels make a decent breakfast, believe it or not, and if you add a piece of fruit, you’ll up the nutrient intake, eat only about 300 calories (depending on the fruit), and actually should feel full–or at least satisfied. Or maybe you’ll have one pizza bagel as a mid-day snack, or prepare two or three of them for dinner with some veges on the side (or added on top of the bagel). You could do a lot worse.

Avoid the microwave–these puppies need the oven or toaster oven. The directions recommend cooking for 8-10 minutes, but I would suggest erring on the side of longer rather than shorter. If the bagel doesn’t heat through, it’s definitely less enjoyable. My oven runs hot, and I let the bagels cook for at least 10 minutes, until the cheese starts to brown. The resulting pizza bagel is crunchy-crusted, well-herbed, and delicious. Add garlic powder, oregano, or hot pepper flakes to taste.


110 calories per pizza bagel



Cook for 10 minutes rather than 8, until cheese starts to slightly brown



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I can’t wait to try this! This is the perfect snack!

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