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The Elusive Perfect Ballet Flat

Posted on: May 13, 2010

Real Girl has found it.

(And yes, that sneaky paw is Real Cat trying to show off for you. Ever the ham, he’s never far when a camera’s out.)

My favorite ever shoe style is the ballet flat. Of course Real Girl wears heels in the evening or when she wants to feel extra cute at work, but most days find her gadding about town in a comfortable little Audrey Hepburn-esque skimmer. At once chic, classic, whimsical, put together, and charming, a little ballet flat can go a long way toward making comfort look great.

My personal criteria for a worthy ballet flat are tough to find. I prefer non-leather for comfort sake, having had the backs of my heels torn apart by leather flats in the past. Plus, it can’t hurt if my perfect shoe is PETA friendly. Canvas usually looks too casual, so I’ve worn eyelet, faux suede, and matte satin in the past. I like embellishment, but not necessarily shiny buckles or rhinestones. Many NYC gals swear by their Tory Burches, which have become the iconic “I summer in the Hamptons” society flat. I don’t dislike them, but they’re a bit too Upper East Side for my taste–and everyone has them. Don’t you want to be a little different?

Think of Thai silk, pleated and knotted intricately yet somehow simply, creating an elegant yet innovative design suitable for all occasions. I know. I flipped out a bit when I found them, and the DSW stock boy laughed genially at my joy. Real Girl’s perfect ballet flat is Rocket Dog’s Marilyn, available at DSW. Even better, you can choose from a variety of colors. And they cost $34.95. At that price, I recommend buying a back-up pair. The silvery gray color, “Drizzle,” will be your perfect neutral to wear with anything. I also bought the style in black, to pair with dark-colored work pants. The bright blue option isn’t my favorite hue, but I’m sure someone who appreciates eye-popping colors can work them as a hot accessory.

Oh, these shoes are comfortable. And so pretty. They look much better in person than in photographs, but I’ll do my best to show them off. When a shoe lets me feel both quirky and sophisticated while also saving my precious toes from pain, well then how can I help but share with all the other real girls?

Beware the rain, though. I’ve got rain boots to recommend instead of ruining your Rocket Dog Marilyn Flats, but we’ll save those for a rainy day 🙂


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I meant to tell you the other day how cute they are!

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