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She don’t laq for nothin’

Posted on: April 27, 2010

And neither will your makeup.

As the summer months approach, you can expect your eyelids to get slicker and your mascara smudgier. Real Girl can’t help but pout when the morning’s time and effort spent applying her eye makeup counts for nothing by the time she arrives at work. In winter, the wind pricks tears to her eyes, washing away that lovely eye shadow. In summer, a humid subway platform is all it takes to replace eyeliner with shine and smudge. Against the elements, what’s a girl to do?

She laqs, that’s what.

Benefit’s She Laq offers a tried and true solution to the age old problem of vanishing makeup; it paints that sucker into place. She Laq’s devotees are rabid and evangelical, and in fact it’s due to Real Girl’s best friend’s ravings that I found this sexy little product. Even Benefit’s packaging makes a girl feel good. The deep blue, potion-like bottle looks like something out of a boudoir, a little dark and a little cheeky–the work of a gypsy with a sense of humor.

And indeed who else but a gypsy could create such an element-fighting tonic? After applying eye shadow or eyeliner, I always follow with a coat of She Laq. The brushes provided allow for effortless application to mascara, the thinnest of liners, lips, and anywhere else your makeup tends to smudge. Always remember to let your She Laq dry, and always rinse your brushes after use so they don’t crunch up.

A crucial She Laq note! A little goes a long way. If I’m using the brush attached to the cap, I make sure to get as little product on there as possible, barely sweeping it over upper and lower eyelids. If I’m using one of the extra provided brushes, I use the cap brush to apply the product rather than dipping the brush in the bottle. By using only a touch of product, you’ll avoid cakiness and flaking. And even better, the $30 bottle will last you years. You might also want to avoid the lid crease, where the product tends to collect and create a dark line. Get as close to your lashes as you can–that deep color you so carefully applied will last all through the day.


Apply She Laq over eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick to avoid smudging and disappearing

Make sure brushes apply very little product

Avoid lid crease


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