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Posted on: April 12, 2010

And wiser than ever.

Real Girl Beauty first reared its pink blogging head back in November 2004 (you may have been watching Finding Neverland in movie theaters or listening to Gwen Stefani’s new single, “What You Waiting For”), becoming one of the first ever blogs, if not the very first, to test and review beauty products. And man, we had fun doing it. I remember an afternoon jumping from Saks to Bendels to Bergdorf to try on no fewer than eleven mascaras for the epic Mascara Chronicles, Part 1 and Part II, a treatise infinitely enhanced by reader comments. In the years to come we’d cover everything from hair care to skin care to nail care to cosmetics to fashion week to anything scrumptious and worth raving about. You sent me delightful, squealing emails thanking me for lip tint recommendations, or for decoding antioxidant ingredients, or asking for advice and beauty guidance. And as the calls for new product reviews got louder, and as PR firms first began to recognize the power of grassroots blogs and sent me products, and as my work and personal life became ever more packed, Real Girl hung up her Sephora bag. Since 2007, she has been alive in archives alone.

But a girl learns some stuff over the years. And it’s time to share again.

An older Real Girl knows about more than beauty. In addition to product reviews, expect weight loss secrets, an advice column, home improvement options, and more. I want to show you what I’ve found out there–the tips a real girl can use to improve her state of body and mind. I’m no expert, but that’s the whole point. If I can do it, you can do it. I’m just a real girl. Like you.  So stay tuned 🙂


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